Michael Wells

Mike Wells 1952-2011


Michael Wells founded Abiding Life Ministries International in 1989 as a ministry of encouragement to believers in many countries.

He believed this encouragement comes as we focus on the Jesus within us and as God gives the revelation of all we possess in Him, and Christian growth is not changing, but involves the revelation of the great exchange (His life for ours). In our weakness He becomes our strength in every situation. Jesus did not come only to deliver us from hell in the future, but also to deliver us from our daily hell through a key moment-by-moment relationship in Him, where we discover all we have looked for elsewhere in vain.

These beliefs prompted Mike’s discipleship ministry and many travels to speak and share, several books he wrote, and many hours of teaching recorded on CD, DVD, and MP3. The many seeds the Holy Spirit planted through Mike’s tireless years of sharing continue to bear fruit today.