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Abiding Life Marriage Conference with Tim Lester, San Antonio, TX

Harvest Fellowship Community Church will host an Abiding Life Marriage…

Read More October 9, 2015

Web Conferences with Tim in June and July

We are pleased to announce two more web conferences hosted…

Read More June 2, 2015

Help for Nepal

We are sending designated donations to Nepal to help the…

Read More May 14, 2015

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Our Team

Mike Wells 1952-2011 Founder

Michael Wells founded Abiding Life Ministries International in 1989 as a ministry of encouragement to believers in many countries.  He believed this encouragement comes as we focus on the Jesus within us and as God gives the revelation of all we possess in Him, and Christian growth is not changing, but involves the revelation of the great exchange (His life for ours).  In our weakness He becomes our strength in every situation.  Jesus did not come only to deliver us from hell in the future, but also to deliver us from our daily hell through a key moment-by-moment relationship in Him, where we discover all we have looked for elsewhere in vain. These beliefs prompted Mike's discipleship ministry and many travels to speak and share, several books he wrote, and many hours of teaching recorded on CD, DVD, and MP3. The many seeds the Holy Spirit planted through Mike's tireless years of sharing continue to bear fruit today.

Betty Wells Executive Director

Betty Wells, Executive Director, worked with her husband, Michael Wells, as he founded and directed ALMI from 1989 until his passing October, 2011. She never aspired to co-pastor with Mike and enjoyed staying in the background, supporting him by running the office, organizing his trips, and helping communicate with ministry folks all around the world. However, as way leads on to way in The Way and as new chapters in life are entered, in his absence she now directs the ministry with a heart toward glorifying the Lord as He continues what He began at ALMI. Betty has edited all of Mike’s writings and hopes to have at least one more book published that he wrote before his departure for Home. Married in 1974, Michael and Betty have three grown children, all married, and three granddaughters.

Hannah Morrell Counselor/Assistant Director

Hannah Morrell began working with Mike and Betty Wells while she was finishing her graduate work in counseling at Denver Seminary. She now operates as Assistant to the Executive Director and Counselor for the Denver office. Hannah is married with two young children.

Tim & Karen Lester Trainer

Tim & Karen Lester host Advanced Training conferences and offer counseling out of their Maryland office. Tim also travels to speak in Latin America and across the United States. Tim first met Mike and Betty when he was in their church youth group as a teenager.

Karla Blanton Office Manager

Karla Blanton first had the pleasure of encountering Mike and Betty Wells in the mid 1980s at the church she and her husband, Wayne, were attending. The rest is history, as they say. Karla assumed the role of office manager in mid-2012. She loves to hear your stories of God’s work in your lives and through your abiding, so don’t hesitate to communicate with her. She will also fill your orders for materials or accept donations and prayer requests. She and her husband, Wayne, have been married for 35 years and have one adult son.

WITH Partners Partners

There are many others in this WITH ministry. Once a branch is recognized as having a like call and passion, we encourage that personal ministry by offering training and the free use of the materials. It is not our goal to add staff in the conventional sense, but to recognize staff throughout the world and support them as co-laborers. Because it is our conviction that with the call comes the physical provision, we recognize that a branch’s provision comes from the Vine, not ALMI. This has been a very effective approach over the years, since there are now hundreds of Vine-connected branches who have started their own self-supported ministries or stayed in their place of ministry to share the abiding life. We call this a WITH approach to ministry. One branch is neither above nor under another, but they minister WITH one another on the Vine.