Tim & Karen Lester

Tim traveled with Mike in the U.S.A., to Australia for training at Mt. Alford Lodge, and on several trips to do training in Central and South America. Tim, along with Raimundo, longtime interpreter and translator for Mike, taught seminars for leaders in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Tim also led a 5-day marriage seminar in Colombia, in which 41 leaders from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru were trained to work with couples. The 24 sessions and related teaching aids are presently being downloaded by leaders and individuals in Spanish-speaking countries and are beneficial to English speakers as well.

Karen taught in special education for years in the public schools and has now shifted into ministry after several years of study in Christ-centered psychology. She is due to complete work on her doctorate in the fall of 2017. Additionally, Karen has spent countless hours being trained by Tim to work with people one on one and currently spends about 20 hours a week working with women and couples with a focus toward discipling them to seek Christ-centered solutions for the daily struggles.

Ministry opportunities include:

Advanced Training (individuals, marriage, or students) offered primarily on long weekends

Tim and Karen have developed an expanded training manual utilizing diagrams and building on the training by Mike Wells, to assist with advanced training on the principles of abiding for both basic and marriage.

Individual/couples Discipleship (in person or video chat)

Basic seminars

Marriage seminars and retreats (co-led by Tim and Karen)

Men’s Retreats

The Ministry Center holds our offices and provides accommodations for up to ten people or five couples who come for discipleship, retreats, or training. People within driving distance needing no lodging are welcome, as well.

Tim Lester abiding.tim.lester@gmail.com or 301-992-7306

Karen Lester karenalmi@gmail.com or 301-992-9897

Karen Lester
MA Special Education
MA Psychology Temperament Therapy
Phd September 2017 Pastoral Counsel
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
License Temperament Therapist

Tim Lester 
BA Ministry
MA Psychology Temperament Therapy
Licensed Temperament Therapist
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor


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