Day 219 - Passing on the Good News

And the word of the Lord was being spread through the whole region.

And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

—ACTS 13:49 & 52


I see that one day I will become irrelevant. I was at a Bible college when the elderly founder was speaking, and his message was as dead as Nelson. The students fell out of the lecture hall with glazed eyes, happy the torture had ended. Fifty years ago this man was a great blessing to the Body of Christ. I related my observation to one of the other teachers, and he heartily but reluctantly agreed. I explained that I was not criticizing but making a point; this teacher had read the founder’s books, taken notes, and lectured the same material. So I asked him, “What was the response from your lectures?” He replied, “Oh, it was great, and the students really understood it!” That proved my point. We must pass on to each generation the TRUTH for them to process, make it their own, and then relate it to others in terms their generation understands. This is how the TRUTH remains relevant and is also why no person should apologize for using an idea he initially heard from another believer. Anyone who gets the witness has gotten the revelation, and this whole issue of copyrighting is foul in the Body. What one hears, what witnesses to a person, is given to him by God. He can rework it, spread it, and then the Lord will give more. Do not ever be bothered with the false guilt and lying emotions that say we must be original. The drivel of original men is not of interest to anyone, but the word from an inspired man, the thoughts God has given him, are of interest. Those words if copyrighted are actually the copyrighting of words of another, Jesus, and breaking the very law with which he is trying to saddle others. I understand a publisher wants things copyrighted in order to avoid being sued, but beyond that, it needs to be given a rest!