Day 208 - No Condemnation

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


I was ministering to a fellow whose particular area of defeat was drugs. Upon believing in Christ, he discovered that the life of Christ is free from drugs, and when Christ became his life, he was naturally free. For some time he lived quite happily in this newfound freedom. With the passing of time I lost track of this brother. One day I decided to call; I left a message, but my call was not returned. I knew what had happened; this brother was back into drugs. After a time I persuaded him to meet with me, and when he entered my office I said, “Don’t say a word until I have finished.”

I went to my whiteboard and began to explain what happened to him. “First, you turned your back on God; I know this is true, for you must always turn away from God to turn toward sin. God is always there; you cannot lose Him, but you can avoid Him. So the first problem is that you turned away from God. Second, that makes sin easier, for victory is only natural when you are turned toward Him. You know that to be true, for it has been your experience in the past, and truth is not only preached but experienced.

The third thing that happened is in many ways the worst! Satan does not care so much if a believer sins, because sin lasts for an instant. What Satan wants is the self-condemnation that can last for a lifetime. Brother, you made a big mistake; you entered into condemnation! It moves your eyes completely to self by bringing obsession with the sin, self-hatred, guilt, fear, and a constant running from Him. Satan knows you cannot be free from the thing on which you focus, and what you focus on, you worship.

Drugs have become the object of worship because of condemnation. You are in a Satanic spiral consisting of condemnation that makes you turn from God and avoidance of God that allows sin to dominate. This leads to more condemnation and a tightening spiral.”

I finished, and with wide eyes he gave only an “Uh-huh!” So I continued.

“Brother, when you came to Christ you were carrying a bag called ‘drugs.’ Did God accept you with that bag?”

Yes, he knew that to be true.

“Well, do you think God has changed? If He accepted you with the bag when you came, do you think that now He rejects you with that bag?”

“Well, no, maybe,” was his uncertain response.

“Brother, dwell on this. God knew what you would be at your worst, and still He wanted you.” Then I dropped the bombshell. “Brother, you and I are designing a new discipleship program. For the next few months I want you to take drugs every morning and evening. God will accept you! Now, that being said, you no longer have an excuse not to read the Bible, not to fellowship with God, not to pray, or not to fellowship with other believers. I will expect you to continue on in all those things, for the drugs that brought the separation you perceived in your mind have been approved.”

Guess what? He did not start taking drugs again! Why? Because moving out of condemnation and back to the Father naturally subjugated the drug habit. He was once again abiding! A lesser truth must always give way to a greater truth; once he possessed the greater truth, all lesser truth was his. Our top priority of what God wants fixed— in this case drugs—is rarely God’s, which in this case was turning back to God. God’s way never seems to be the way of man!