Tim, Chad, & Noah in Brazil

November, 2018, Brazil Trip Report, by Noah Wells

I recently had the privilege of traveling to southern Brazil with Chad Salyn and Tim Lester. Chad and I started our trip in Colorado where we began preparing for our 9 days in Brazil. We then met Tim at the airport in Miami and all flew together to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 9-hour plane ride was a great time to prepare for the trip and share what the Lord has been doing in each of our lives.

            When we arrived in Curitiba, Brazil, we were greeted with big hugs and warm welcomes from Flavio and Sonia Lazzari. They were very gracious and allowed us to stay in their beautiful home for the duration of our trip, where also the relationship conference they were hosting was to be held. Thirty-five people attended the conference, some of whom were unbelievers.

            I was curious to see how we three men were going to teach together as Tim and Chad are used to teaching individually. We were all able to cohesively teach and support one another. We were able to respect each session time of 45 minutes teaching with a 15-minute break in between. Teaching with our interpreters–Flavio, Elisa, Liliane, Livia, and Daniel–was a great experience. Flavio had suggested we use younger interpreters so they would learn the Abiding Life message and be able to move forward with the ministry. They did an amazing job and carried across the messages the Lord had given us. It was a blessing! One of our interpreters got a run for her money in that Chad made her laugh so much she had to pause and wipe tears from laughter, she had to keep asking Tim to repeat himself because of his Tennessee twang, and I made her cry when she interpreted a story of when God had given me a choice of life or death.

            Tim and Chad taught on the marriage relationship with diagrams. They are great at teaching these lessons and it was great to watch them support each other. I was able to teach on the new necklace diagram the Lord has given me over the last year as well as time and eternity. We all took turns and the attendees really liked the flow of things. They mentioned that they liked having 3 people speaking and hearing the different views on relationships the Lord has given us. We also were able to keep the crowd engaged since it was a smaller group. They were able to break off into groups and talk to one another about what whispers they hear from the enemy. I feel it’s important to bring things into the light and walk through our struggles together in the Lord. It’s good to know we aren’t alone and the enemy isn’t original, since we seem to struggle with similar things. We tend to feel alone until we share with others. This was a great exercise to watch people opening up to one another and hear them finding truth in their struggles. Chad presented the God-concept, the group was able to be interactive with the lesson, and it was a great reminder for everyone of who God really is.

            Flavio gave a wonderful lesson on how God is not in the past or the future, but in the present. How it isn’t good to dwell on the past whether good or bad, as it keeps you in the past. He spoke on how God wants you in the present. Flavio’s son-in-law, Daniel, was able to interpret for the three of us, since Flavio delivered his message in Portuguese.

            My dad used to say that he traveled the world for just the “one.” He taught me that if you can point 1 person to Christ, you are in the right place. If the 3 of us are able to travel together and reach 3 people, amen! The Lord showed up big time at this conference and we were able to see many people turn towards Christ. What an exciting time!

            The morning of our last day, Tim was preparing for his lesson at the breakfast table. The Lord directed me to approach Tim and ask him what he would teach on if it were his last day to preach. He instantly replied, “Relationship with Jesus.” I encouraged him to preach on that and not what he had prepared. It was fun for me to watch God speak through Tim. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. It was a lesson that each of us needed to hear and God truly spoke through Tim. The Lord had laid it on my heart to ask the same of Chad. Chad responded with, “Life with Jesus on the Vine.” His message was dead on. It was the perfect message for the audience and a great way to end our time at the conference. I wasn’t planning on speaking the last day of the conference. The Lord hadn’t given me anything to speak on. If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that I don’t have anything to say unless the Lord speaks through me. As Chad was finishing up his last lesson on the Vine, the Lord gave me the lesson to share on finding the Lord in weakness.

A woman came up on the last day of the conference and told me she had been mad at God for a long time because of something that had happened in her life. She said when she heard the time and eternity lesson, it all made sense to her that God is always present and He will turn life’s hardships to good because He wants a relationship with her. This is why I love the time and eternity lesson.

Needless to say, Tim, Chad, and I came away pumped and so excited about the Lord as He shows up and ministers to and through us! We will eagerly await the next opportunity He provides for us to work together in such a manner. Tim and I flew home, arriving just before Thanksgiving. Chad’s Canadian Thanksgiving is in Oct., so he went on to Peru, where he ministers in various places with pastors with whom he works there. ALMI had provided two of Mike Wells’ books in Spanish that Chad & the pastors could distribute as they traveled and shared for two more weeks, and Chad’s wife Tracy was able to meet him there for a firsthand view of Peru and the wonderful believers there.

Flavio & Sonia Lazzari
Chad speaking at conference, Flavio interpreting
Tim Speaking
Noah Speaking, Elisa interpreting
Flavio, Noah, Chad, Tim, & Sonia in Brazil
Some in the audience


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