Laughs Along the Way, Feb., 2017

Chad & Noah’s Ministry Trip to Kansas/Missouri in February of 2017


What a joy & privilege in serving Our Great God who is not just any king, but The King of all Kings. We have such safety, security, & significance in being princes and princesses of the Most High King! To be sons & daughters of Father God; The Creator of all. Amazing! It is a great comfort as we travel knowing this reality in our heads and hearts and brings much excitement as we meet all the people on this trip whom God has put in our path.


This has been our first trip together as the Lord has called us both to travel and serve together. It is a privilege to serve The King of Kings as HE equips us to serve you, His people. We traveled throughout Kansas & Missouri visiting and sharing LIFE in a few different places with all wonderful people, and hearts were encouraged, ours as well as others’! In Hebrews 10, we are called to “encourage one another, and spur one another on towards Love and good deeds,” and the Lord surely and absolutely accomplished ALL that as we met with those HE called us to visit. Thank you for praying WITH us and supporting us to GO and share the Full Measure of this New Life (Acts 5:20) with those so willing to hear. It is a blessing to serve together WITH you. Our Prayer is that you will be encouraged in hearing and seeing our reports that we share as we travel, because we all have been called together for “such a time as this.” We want to keep you updated through the website with these short notes and videos of what God is doing through us together!! Please check in regularly to keep up with what the Lord is doing with us.


We both had a great time and laughed–laughed a lot–with each other and the people. It reminded us of our travels with Mike. Whenever anyone traveled with Mike, serving God with him, there was always one thing that happened on every single trip . . . and that was Laugh, and Laugh a lot!! Noah and I both have missed that, and it made this trip that much more fun to have that again.  Some nights we were brought to tears we were laughing so hard. There must have been more than one reason why Jesus sent the discples out by 2’s! it is nice not having to travel alone but to have a brother there WITH each of us . . . it is so encouraging!


One of the things God spoke and made clear to us on this trip (which is shared on one of our trip videos), is that whatever we look to in getting us out of our problems, it then becomes the thing which has to keep us out of the problem. If we look to alcohol to get us out of the problem, now alcohol has to be the thing to keep me out of the problem. If we look to food to get us out of our problem, food now becomes the very thing we will keep going to in keeping us out of the problem! We have seen this time and time again in our own lives and other people’s we have been blessed to work with. It is a law that has been written into this life . . . whatever you look to now has to keep you. This is why God says to ‘fix our eyes on Him,” because if we look to Him to keep us in the midst of our problems, then HE will be The One to keep us and relieve us in our problems, worries, & fears! He is the only Source that not only will Keep us for an eternity but for our Today as well. Nothing else we look to in this world will do that . . . all of our lives have proven that reality! When we look to the Lord, He not only relieves us in the midst of the problem but will heal us.  Whatever He reveals, He always comes to Heal. The world cannot offer that because it has not the “fix” we are looking for. By the way, just as a side note, the world uses the phrase, “I just need a quick fix.” But the quick fix the world looks to, that we have looked to at times, does not actually fix. We really should be calling it a “quick-cope,” because those quick things we look to in getting us out of our problems never fixes our problems but only helps us cope for a short while in trying to escape our problems.  With Jesus, He fixes . . . He never called us to cope but to fix our eyes on Him, The Author & Perfecter of our Lives. AMEN! Wonderful!!



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