Give Me Jesus! Please!

Sir, we wish to see Jesus. Jn 12:21 I want Jesus! I want to see Jesus! In me, around me, in all things created, in everything good and bad, I want to see Jesus. I keep getting in trouble for saying it, and I do not understand why. I am more excited about Jesus than anything else. I will tell you a secret, something rarely heard, “He is not dead!” Jesus is alive. I am more excited about this living Jesus, raised from the dead, than I am the Bible, church, material gain, health, relationships, or all else that, when compared to Him, is considered rubbish. He must come first, or nothing else will have significance, meaning, or life. Jesus is alive, but where do we look for Him? Amazingly, the very Jesus we read about today does not live on or in a page. He lives in us, if indeed we have recognized Him as Lord. There is no need for us to read the Bible to have something put into us, when its purpose is to reveal and witness to what is already in us, Jesus. We may or may not want to hear or read the words, but we know we want the Living Word, the life that the page is proclaiming and pointing to. God is very excited about Jesus. He does not want you to be like Jesus; He wants an exact expression of Jesus flowing out of you. God does not intend for you to spout out the things of God; He wants you pouring forth the very articulation of God, Jesus Christ. It is your birthright! Is it possible? Is it believable? It is truth! The Man who did everything did nothing, and you could do greater things, not know greater things but do greater things (loving an enemy, forgiving, being a leaven, and having a peace that passes understanding). It will not happen without Jesus exactly presenting His Life through you. Do not substitute anything for Him; that will end in disaster. Good is the enemy of the best. Do you believe it? Just keep wishing to see Jesus! With Him comes everything that you have looked for in vain outside of Him. I am tired of teaching, tired of knowing, exhausted with putting into others, and weary of hoping for change. I want to know Christ in me. I want you to know Christ in you. I wish to see Jesus!


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