Pastor Kim’s News from Amazonia

Dear Mrs. Wells, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. After recently visiting for the first time since Pastor Michael Wells, whom I deeply respect and love, had gone to be with the Lord I was brought to tears as I began to browse through the website, even stumbling across a black and white photo of him. Pastor Michael Wells is truly the greatest missionary, pastor and servant of God of the 21st century. I remember when he came to our obscure, nameless mission field in the amazon and brought us precious gifts of books. Not only that, he, along with Dr. Flavio, graciously held seminars here, afterwards donating for our encouragement, even many of his own books When he heard the news of my wife’s cancer recurrence, he had told me not to hesitate in reaching out to him if I ever needed to go to Korea. Accordingly, Pastor Wells made it possible for me to make three trips to see my wife in Korea by providing me with the necessary funds to purchase the expensive plane tickets— Dr. Flavio also lending a big hand during my first trip. Forever grateful and indebted to Pastor Wells’ love and grace, I always remember you, Mrs. Wells, in my prayers as I intercede for you. Pastor Wells and Dr. Flavio had once planned a medical mission trip to the amazon, of which Dr. Flavio later brought it to fruition after forming a mission team comprising of medical professionals from America, Portugal and Brazil. I had sent to you a short video of their work shortly after Dr. Flavio’s return home from here. Dearest Mrs. Wells… My wife, on September 12th, by the calling of the Lord, alas, has gone to be with Him in Heaven. After sending my wife away, I frequently reflect on your own loss and lift you up in my prayers, as I think about how you must be enduring the grief. I have attached the YouTube web address for the video tribute of my wife’s life that had been played during her memorial service. As I gratefully remember the grace and love which Pastor Wells so abundantly showed her throughout her life… Please take care Mrs. Wells. Sincerely, Pr Kim, Cheol Ki


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