ALMI Books now available on Kindle

Many of you have asked us to make the ALMI books available on Kindle, and we are pleased to announce three are now in the Kindle store and ready for download.  Please check this page from time to time for new additions or sign up for notification emails using the form to the right. Problems, God’s Presence and Prayer will be the next book added and will be available soon! My Weakness For His Strength (click here) This is a devotional book about the weakness of man and the strength of God that is revealed through it. It is written to encourage those who thought they were taken out but will discover they will be taken in, those who have been taken down only to discover that God really wanted to bring them up, to those who first abhorred the cross until they discovered the crown. The Christian religion made by man sets standards that are impossible to keep, because success rests at the feet of man. You will not find a hint of religion in this book. The Christian faith, which centers in Jesus, not only acknowledges the weakness of man but reveals God’s strength manifested through him. Sidetracked In The Wilderness (click here)  How do believers begin at a place of joy and find themselves once again defeated? This book will give you new hope and an understanding of some of the basic definitions of the Christian life that so many people miss. New! Sidetracked In The Wilderness STUDY GUIDE (click here) Written by Hannah Morrel, this $5 study guide will be very helpful for those wanting more from the book. Heavenly Discipleship (click here) Heavenly discipleship believes that the fullness of Christ exists in every believer and the task of every disciple-maker is to reveal that great truth. Discipleship is not putting Christ or his characteristics into a person but rather revealing the Christ that dwells in a person. It it not working for but from. When a disciple works for what he already has, he will lose that which he has. Michael Wells shares the secret of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” and then true approach to discipleship. Untold Stories & Unknown Saints (click here) This new book is a compilation of accounts that took place over the years as Michael Wells traveled to the remote regions of the world to discover, minister with, and be ministered to by the weak. Untold Stories & Unknown Saints is an inspiring look at the love of God operating in the lives of those whose stories might otherwise have remained hidden. NEW to Kindle! Problems, God’s Promises and Prayer (click here) Recommended for believers who have experienced a variety of problems, question the silence of God, and would like an improved prayer life. NEW to Kindle! Problems, God’s Promises and Prayer STUDY GUIDE (click here) Recommended for readers of Problems, God’s Presence and Prayer. This guide was written by Hannah Morrell.


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