Opportunity! E-mailed study of My Weakness For His Strength

Lee McDowell ChristianMinistries LMCM
Nacogdoches, Texas Gal. 2:20 KJV Invitation to New Weekly Email
Dear Family and Friends, I am going to start aweekly pastoral message that I will send out via email using our friend MichaelWells’ book, My Weakness For His Strength (volume one), as the “startingpoint” of all my discussions. Justas I have said that Michael’s book, Heavenly Discipleship, is THEtextbook for all Christian discipling that focuses on “abiding,” his MWfHS isTHE devotional for the same. As a pastor, I have seenmany who struggle with understanding the biblical teaching of “abiding,”therefore having as big a struggle with living the abiding life. After all, who can enjoy the benefitsof something that we don’t grasp or understand. So, therefore, I willattempt to add a few pastoral thoughts and some applications of the great,wonderful truths that God gave Michael. If you would like to receive my email messages, just respond to thisemail and mention that you would. IF I don’t hear back from you, I will not put you on the list ofrecipients. If you have not heard of Michael’sMWfHS book, and would like to know more about it, please contact me aboutthat. If you want one, it isavailable only from Abiding LifeMinistries International. It is not sold in bookstores. I heartily recommend that everyChristian has one, reads it, meditates on its truths, and shares it with manyother Christians. Give ‘em Jesus!
Lee McDowell ChristiansMinistries
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