More on Pastor Lee McDowell’s study of My Weakness for His Strength

Dear Saints, First of all I hope you notice this new email address…a first for my personal ministry, Lee McDowell Christian Ministries. after 15+ hours today of praying, thinking, discussing,more praying, more thinking, more discussing, etc., etc., etc. regarding the best way to SEND my new weekly emails of my thoughts and exhortations from the truths in Michael Wells’ book…I have decided I needed a BLOG to compose, send, store (all weekly items will be available in chronological order for future reference), and for ease of telling friends and them “signing up.” Only trouble is: that means I need to ask YOU to GO TO THE BLOG (clink on ), look on the TOP RIGHT side of the page, “FOLLOW BY EMAIL”, and SUBMIT. This will send to your email address a “confirmation email,” and when you click on the link you will receive notifications in the future of all new posts. In addition, while you are at the blog, READ MY “INTRO LETTER” about this endeavor. I hope this doesn’t deter you from being a part of this! And, I plan to post the 1st writing (from Day 222 in the book) ASAP! Blessings! Lee McDowell


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