Mexico has been a blessing. One would be hard pressed to find a warmer heart than the Mexican heart. Betty and I are sick but getting better. It was amazing, I dragged myself out of bed for the Sunday service and met up with Raimundo. I told him that I almost called yesterday and asked him to take the meeting. He said that he had prepared for the meeting and was waiting for the call! Amen, he went to the Church and I went to bed! Enclosed are pictures of the prison ministry. It is much different than an American, Indian, Fijian, African, or Asian prison. The pastor of the inmates is serving 30 years for kidnapping. Yet murders and rapist serve 5 years. Last year 30 men were killed in the prison. The guards disappeared and the rival gang appeared with 40 machine guns. They told me the look on the face of the killers was demonic. Then 120 people walked out the front door as the guards disappeared. Honestly, you don’t have a choice as a guard or judge. The drug lords think nothing of killing your whole family. In four years over 50,000 gang members have been killed in this city (the same number of Americans killed in the Vietnam war). Last night 7 were killed. A drug king pin is in the seminar and wants to leave the gang but he can’t. The fear in his wife is overwhelming. I have enclosed a picture from the prison, a vase an inmate made for me out of cup cake wrappers and a beautiful sunset. Thanks heaps for your prayers. Well, for some added joy our latest addition Corbin, Hannah and Eric Morrel’s son.            


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