The Jericho March

NEW POST: CHAPTER 7: EXCERPT 3 – “When Caesar Seems To Have The Upper Hand”:Pacific Islands:

Pacific Islands: I witnessed what was obviously the work of western lobbyists trying to change the constitution of a traditional country’s government to embrace sinful behavior. At a rally I was the first to the platform. I spoke on the Way, the Way written into our being, Jesus. I spoke on the need for systems to support the people. Many alternative systems nestle themselves around the Christian system and claim to be better; however, when the Christian system is removed, the others crumble. I explained that Christianity is never on trial, because life proves it. The sinful behavior is not on trial, because sin and punishment are one and the same. However, the government is on trial. We do not have the authority, so we do not have the responsibility, but it does. Finally, I ended with a plea to the churches. “What gets your attention will get you. Do not let this issue become the focus of the Church. We are called to be redemptive, not to be anti-sin preachers.” There were three more speeches (and lots of music) after mine. The last speaker was a letdown. My personal experience is that every time someone stands up and proclaims to be God’s apostle and God’s mouthpiece, it spells trouble. I knew everyone from the Hindu to the sinners would bear the brunt of his condemnation. I just wished he would stop. Well, amen! After the rally, the church folks decided to march around the city park, requesting that as a foreigner I stay away, since they did not want the government to view me as protesting against it. They decided to do a “Jericho” march, lining up eight across and walking around the city park seven times very solemnly and without making a sound. When they came to a stop in front of the platform, a trumpet sounded with a deafening blast; and all the people, with arms stretched upward, in unison shouted, “God hear our prayer!” Then the band erupted as the crowd sang, “I went to the enemy and took back my soul from him.” It was all truly moving to watch. I went by a house today that is magnificent. It is interesting how the government came into possession of the house. The owner had worked in this country, made a lot of money, and paid just as much in taxes. He got back at the government for the incredibly high taxes by giving them the house with the stipulation that it be maintained but never sold. It costs $400,000 annually to maintain! Now the government gets a taste of its own medicine by always having to pay him for the upkeep. Untold Stories Unknown Saints, book by Michael Wells, available in “Resources” part of the website.


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