Wow! What a Trip!

I apologize to the support team for being late in getting a report to you. I wanted to but just couldn’t close all the doors that were opening in order to sit down and write. I honestly, couldn’t find the time and was so excited about what was happening. There was not a dead meeting! I cat egorize a dead meeting as arriving and discovering that the people are int erested in something other than Jesus. That didn’t happen from September to June. Praise God as I ride on His “coattails.” We ended this 2-1/2-m onth trip in Colombia, arriving without a single solid contact, and yet th e doors opened and we went nonstop. The printing house is owned by a past or of whom it is said, “No missionary touches the soil of Colombia without his knowing it.” He invited us to his church, a beautiful, balanced, and peaceful place, and in the end said, “When you come again, everything wil l be organized for the conference.” I met with a fellow who after 30 year s of working in a large ministry found himself pointing a gun toward his own head. Someone gave him Sidetracked in the Wilderness and God used th e book to witness to the Christian faith (Jesus does it all). He showed me his copy of the book and every page was underlined. Amen. You know me and we know God, so I never take the credit for another’s growth in Ch rist. Well, I could go on but from place to place the doors are open and we are in need of printing books in each place in South America. If I pri nt in one country and try to ship to another, the cost of shipping is more than the printing cost. Amen. Oh, the photo. First, many will make the claim that Colombia is home the the friendliest people in S. America. I couldn’t argue the point. Unfortunately, the U.S. and its wheels within wheels concerning drugs keep the guerillas and drug lords alive and well. However, I wanted a typical meal. Here is what is in the picture. Frie d bananas, beans, a white cornbread, pork, partially digested intestine, salsa, rice, and more. Really a fun and nice meal! Well, at long last I am off to my house. I rarely live there but Betty makes sure that when I arrive, I am welcomed. Love you and thanks again to the support team. Without you there would be no blog. –Mike 20


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