Report from the field, Chiclayo, Peru

Chiclayo, Peru. Whata place. It is considered to be the place of the fri= endliest people inPeru, though I have found that to be true in all of Peru= . There is no”tourists ripped off here”; the people actually like every= newcomer. It is also considered the city of bravery since they fought off= theSpanish and the indigenous warriors. Our meetings here I found amazing= becausewe had many pastors attending from remote regions that had never= before lefttheir cities. It was really great that the sponsors brought in= 50 tribalpastors, with help from the ALMI support team that paid for all= transportation,food, lodging, and materials. I got what felt like deathly= sick on thelast day when I had to do a 6-hour lecture, but Raimundo knows= the messagequite well and carried me, understanding what I was saying eve= n when my throatdid not allow for much volume or clarity. The ministry was= great and theseparation of the sheep and goats continues. Be encouraged= that a creativework is happening here, and I thank all those involved in= making it so. Amen. =20 Out for now, Mike. Ihave another week to watch Him carry me. =20


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