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  Just thought I would check in with a few photos of this area in Peru. It is really remote and I find it interesting that this is one of the few places in the world that uses the auto rickshaw. We had a youth meeting last night and it was the best. The hall was packed with students (ages 15-24). They were fixed on the message from the beginning. They clapped and clapped. Then the leader stood up and said that he liked the message so much that he would like to go to the US illegally! They clapped. Another leader got up and thanked us, they clapped. Then another. When we left they clapped. It is great as they start singing at 8:00 PM and the service goes on into the night. It is actually kind of a Christian activity that gives them something to do on a Saturday evening. It was fun. Oh, Raimundo worked out the books so every pastor without means would get a packet of all the material, as would the 45 students that are graduating from the seminary. They will want references for preaching and will use the only ones they have—our books! It isn’t cheap to print here, and so thanks again to the ALMI support team. Well, off again.  –Mike =20 =20


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