Arriving in the Andes!

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You haven’t heard from me because we have been “flat out” and connections have not been that great. I might describe this South American journey as one of my greatest trips. The meetings are great because of the Lord and Raimundo, a brother and ally for 25 years and now in charge of the Spanish-speaking work. A great interpreter, planner, contact man, organizer, and the list goes on. We can move quickly together. We have a great relationship with both Bible societies in Chile and we are going to be working now to get material into the hands of their people and in the future doing seminars. This will allow ALMI to function in many places throughout South America. I so like Francisco of one Bible society. He has no agenda but lifting up Jesus. When we recognized that in each other, there was an immediate oneness. He introduced me to the President of Chile’s administrator, who is a lady and a believer, and then to the government’s Chaplain, who had recently said to Obama, “We can have a praying democracy. We pray the Holy Spirit lead you in every decision.” Francisco also introduced me to the head of Religious Affairs, and he is dynamite. The government wants the people of Chile to have values, and they see the Christian values as the best. All of these men simply said, “We will help you!” I am riding on the back of Francisco. I met so many people, and we had many meetings. Daniel, at the seminary, was a great support and he had assembled a completely packed lecture hall of students, who didn’t run off after the meetings but stayed to thank us.
Currently we are off to the interior of Peru. We landed in what would appear to be an impossible airstrip. Honestly, it is in a hole surrounded by mountains. I have never dropped that fast and that hot in an airplane before. Then 4 hours on a winding and avalanching road. Today 50 died in a rock avalanche. I have been speaking at a pastor’s conference. We are in the very heart of the what at one time was the drug center for Peru. The rebels, drug lords, and government killed over 25,000 people. Then the U.S. pressured the government to spray the jungle with a fungus that kills the coca plant. The drug trade died and the people are safe, yet not farming as they would like to since the fungus killed much more. Well, thanks for praying. You will find a photo of the President’s Administrator, the Chaplain, Francisco, the note that was brought up on the drillbit when the 33 miners were trapped months ago, my hotel room in the jungle, and the airport in Peru. Hope to send more later. As always, I will eventually send a detailed trip report to the support team.


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