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Mike has been in South America since mid March. Currently in Chile, things have been hopping with daily meetings, and with help from two different Bible societies, Mike’s books will continue to be published and distributed far and wide. The Lord continues to open the doors to ministry in South America, and it is a joy to watch. Mike has experienced a warm and wonderful reception to the message of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” through these past weeks. These photos reflect only a very small part of what is happening here. We are very grateful for Raimundo Ericson, who has come on staff as interpreter, book translator, overseer of Latin American book printing, and seminar organizer deluxe. Francisco, head of one of the Bible societies, is pictured a couple of times; he is a huge help in the book printing and distribution, plus taking time out of his very busy schedule to see that we are happy and meeting many believers in Chile! But the Lord is working through so many people here in the furtherance of His will, and we just hang onto our hats and follow His leading! 1. Church pastor has Raimundo announcing the ALMI books sold in the back of the church 2. One building that did not fare well during last year’s earthquake. 800+ people died, but most from the ensuing tsunami 3. Mike preaches Sunday morning in Chile, Raimundo interprets 4. Mother’s Day lunch after church! Wonderful family of Francisco 5. Raimundo and Francisco discuss further book distributions 6. Raimundo and Hilda, irreplaceable ALMI Latin American representatives 7. Uruguayan waiter, Damian, made us chivitas, our favorite Uruguayan feast


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