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I have witnessed two, legitimate, revivals in my life. One the Jesus movement the second in the USSR when it fell. But I must say, I am seeing my third. The difference is that this one is among believers. In short and this didn’t cause the revival but has allowed me to participate in it. Raimundo worked for Billy Graham from South America to Amsterdam. He has always interpreted for me. One day the message sank deep into his heart, his wife’s, and his son. He translated all the books as, only he could, as he knew the message. Years ago, I went to Milton Only Pope (yes, his parents named him Only). I said, “If you store the books, whatever you sell, the funds will go to the seminary” Milton, liked the message and agreed (He was fun. Each time I came, he would dismiss everyone and then ask “What are you preaching?” I would reply, “The message that God has given me, has not changed. “Christ in you the hope of glory”. He would then say, “You are welcome here!” He started over 200 seminaries from Argentina, to Mexico, and even Spain. He was well respected. He was Pentecostal to the bone but so theologically sound. He never allowed the common magic shows that pass through the “Pentecostals” to be permitted. No casting of demons out of Believers, no uncontrolled laughing, no Benny Hinn with rows of people falling over. Therefore, every Evangelical denomination in Central and S. America respected him and have even sent students to his school for sound biblical training. Even Baptists sent pastors to the Pentecostal school. Last year Only Pope, “walked with God and was not for God took him”. However, before he died, he sent word to every school that he endorsed me, ALMI, and if ever given the opportunity, they were to receive me. Next, ALMI recruited Raimundo to promote conferences. That was one year ago. The man, 65, worked tirelessly to promote the message and get the books out. I mean, night and day. He organized 6 months of meetings (three in the spring and three in the fall). We speak three days, travel and start that night for another three days. We work until 3:00 AM nearly every night. He is on the phone organizing all the time. ALMI has designated him the Spanish language director. I worked in Spain for years, started with 1 person and had about 25 couples in the end. He went to Spain and I spoke every night to everyone from Gypsies, Brits and the Spanish. Well, here is what is happening. We speak in one city where there is a seminary, they call ahead to the next city and say, “Get everyone there”. Then that city calls and it grows and grows. The people, by the Holy Spirit, are getting the message. I know that it has much to do with what the teachers in these cities have put into the people. They have a good foundation. I just stand there looking. More than one pastor said they were upside down and had to change their teaching. I spoke to a group of city pastors. I was given 5 minutes, took 30, and they asked me questions. In the end, they asked that I return for a pastor’s conference. These fellows work so hard and globalization is having it’s affect on their children. They are also sick of programs and want to get back to the gospel. This has been a constant message for me, “What brings the people keeps the people.” Bring them with some form of competition with the world and you will burn out. Bring them by lifting up Jesus and you will rest. People just come up and hug Raimundo and me, say “thank you” and “God Bless You” in Spanish. I am blessed and it is because of the support team of ALMI. The books are spreading. A fellow came from Salvador to hear us and I said “Why?” He replied, “Your book is famous there and I wanted to meet the author.” They have me on cable television (that goes to the whole Spanish speaking world) and more. I am watching something I never thought would happen after so many years of sowing and speaking to 5-15 people. Amen. Raimundo is enjoying the ministry and I have him take two lectures at each conference as I want to introduce him as the Spanish director as he will do follow up next year and get ready for 2013 as I will again spend the whole year in Central and South America. Just wanted to let you know what was happening. Do a small thing as though it is a big thing and one day, you will do a big thing as though it is a small thing.


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