Where in the world is Waldo?






In case you have been wondering “where is Waldo?”, Waldo/Mike, I have  been in S. America for the last month and will be here for the next two.  I was ministering in Uruguay, and then moved to the Northern Argentina. I was on the border of Argentina, Bolivia, and Parauguay working with Raimumdo and some of the Indian tribes (The Wichi) .It is great as many have gone before me and have done the hard work.  However, today, many are ready to move out of the Christian Religion ( success ends at feet of man)  and on to the Christian faith (where success ends at the feet of Jesus).  Great fun but a different city every three days.  We speak three days, travel the fourth and start another three day seminar upon arriving that day.  The schedule will be the same for the next two months. Raimundo has done an excellant job of arranging things and we flow together.  Inclosed are photos of Raimundo and his daughter-in-law, one of the Indian Churches, pastors and of course, the city monkey!  Thanks for praying and things are going great.   Tonight was wild.  Music, Raimundo spoke, I spoke, a worship break was taken and we ran to speak to the youth and returned to finish the seminar.  We left at 12:00 AM!  Tomorrow will be a meeting with pastors, followed by an all night bus trip to the next city. There are many interesting things that will be in the trip report.  25 years of sowing and now is the time of reaping.  I am indebted to Milton Pope, an American that came here in the 70’s.  He exited the earth last year.  The man was amazing as he started over 200 serminaries in South and Central America.  He also promoted ALMI.   Of course, I am always riding on the back of ohters.  “If anyone boasts, let him boast in the Lord.”  Thank you for making this ministry possible.  We are actually reaching 23 different Indian groups and their pastors with the great news, “Christ is in you”.  All the photos will not go on one blog so just follow through.


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