The men that I work WITH!

We finished the pastors’ conference and have headed  to the interior.  Enclosed is a picture of Alfredo.  He is “high octane!”  Also, see Raimundo, one of the best translators and interpreters in S. America.  Often, American missionaries will say to me, “You could not have accomplished that lecture, communicating those concepts, without Raimundo.”  True, as he is a great teacher and helps with the lectures.  He knows what we are trying to communicate and He and Hilda (his wife) love the message.  Alfredo is eating the tip of some bread, just bought from a man on a bicycle.  I asked why and he said, “We believe if you eat the tip of the bread your mother-in-law will love you.”  At that I asked if I could buy all of the tips.  Another interesting thing was a man playing a harmonica on a bicycle.  When people hear him, they bring their knives to him.  On the back of the bike is a very simple stone, man powered, to sharpen the knives.  It is a great way to make a living.  We traveled for the afternoon and have arrived at our new destination.  We have rooms next to a river that is 10 miles across.  Really remote and beautful place.  The meetings will start soon.


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