In the Beginning!

It is the beginning of a nearly three-month ministry trip.  Raimundo has been planning the South American trip for nearly two years and it is shaping up.  If obstacles are a sign that God is getting ready to do something, then God is going to bless this trip.  It took so long for me to get here.  Layover in Miami for 10 hours, a mechanical failure that left us sitting for three hours in the plane, and then a nearly 12-hour trip to Uruguay that ended with the hotel having me wait to check in (tie me to a broom and mop the floor!). The next day we had our first meeting with pastors.  A different group the second day and now I find myself at a retreat center where 22 pastors and their wives have come to a conference.  A great group from many different denominations, they express no competitiveness and are teachable and humble of heart.  Some even borrowed money to come and almost all hold a job outside their church pastorship.  The ALMI team is supplementing the conference so no one is left out.  It is great.  Also, I have a new granddaughter born two days before I left the U.S.  Great fun to hold a newborn.  A story was told to me in Uruguay.  A fellow told his friends that he was going to travel the world to find the perfect woman.  Several years later he returned and was very depressed.  His friends said, “We guess you didn’t find her.”  He replied, “No, I found her.”  They then asked, “Why are you so depressed?”  His response, “She was looking for the perfect man!”  Well, out for now.

The Longest Journey in the World
So, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you hear his voice.”


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