Friends in India

Betty and I are plodding along getting through work and enjoying the “winter” here in India; it is actually quite pleasant. 

A very small boy delivers our newspapers every morning; his name is Krishna. His father died two years ago, so Krishna
took over his newspaper route to help provide for the family. He always seemed so frightened when I answered the door to 
his 7 a.m. doorbell ring. Yesterday I went to the bicycle shop and bought him a brand new bicycle. I had someone come from 
the office with him the next morning to explain to him that it was a gift. I think he was quite surprised. He has been seen on
the road riding his new bike, and I believe he is getting from here to school much quicker.

Another interesting thing happened when we were at breakfast the other day. Right at the foot of the stairs leading up to
the open-air dining a raven was attempting to get to a viper from behind a large plant to kill and eat it. They fought back and forth
for several minutes before the snake succumbed to the large bird’s persistence. When both were very tired, Mike stepped in and
killed the snake. The raven watched from above and then happily swooped down to claim his prize! The whole thing was captured
on video, but I cannot send that to the blog.

Please find below a photo of Betty with the kitchen staff and a photo of me with the same staff! You will notice that Betty is 
more comfortable with a roomful of women than I am!

Pray for the upcoming seminars in India. 

Man, Not Completed On The Sixth Day!
Genesis 1:31,God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.
Philippians 1:6, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
When God created the world, He concluded his six days by creating man and saying, “He is good.” Yes, he was good, but he was not completed.  A tree is a tree, water is water, a cow is a cow, and so on; those will not become something else. Everything was created complete except for the one thing left incomplete! Man was the only thing in all of creation that was still in the process of becoming complete. Cool! All the rest of creation is under compulsion; the caterpillar must become a butterfly. Man is different. Man was in a process moving toward completion. Man can become a vessel of doom or a vessel of blessing. This fallen world will help make that determination. 
I have said it before, but bear with me. The angels in the book of Jude are under judgment for going after strange flesh. Genesis 6 explains that angels were after earthly women. Then Paul makes it clear in I Corinthians that those of different “flesh” are not to mingle. God wanted a bride for His Son but could neither pick something in heaven or on the earth without going after something “strange.” He did what angels longed to look into: He became a man, like Adam outwardly but inwardly with the very life of God. The world had so defeated the Adam inner life, but the proposal comes that Christ (the second Adam) has an inner life that wins, and the vessels that exchange lives at the cross become at that moment vessels of blessing; they also become complete men. “It is finished” means many things, but one thing is this: Man is finished and can become complete; he can now have an outer life of the world and an inner life from heaven, the Life that wins. He can become exactly like the Groom, and the wedding in heaven will go on. After thousands of years wherein all of creation was complete, man can now be complete. Beautiful, wonderful, beyond imagination? Yes, and more!


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