HERE IS THE LATEST FROM WENDY BELL AT MOUNT ALFORD IN BOONAH, AUSTRALIA, THE ALMI TRAINING CENTRE. WE HOPE TO HAVE PHOTOS SOON! THIS NOTE TELLS WHERE OUR DONATIONS WOULD LAND!  PLEASE READ ON. Hi Betty, Well.. where do  we go from here?? At the moment the whole thing seems so unreal. All you hear is people say ‘we knew it could happen but we didn’t believe it would’.here at the Lodge we are fine. High and not so dry but at least not under! We have had mind blowing rain, especially after 10 long years of cruel drought. We can get more rain in an hour some days that what we had all year a few years back. We have had a lot of local flash flooding as the ground and creeks just cannot take anymore, but what happened in Toowoomba on Monday which sent a wave of water through the valley towards Brisbane has just left Queensland numb. Initially the shock, damage and destruction is massive but with more than 75% of Queensland in flood it has serious long term effects on our state. I guess the farmers are already thinking of the lack of fresh produce, the area hardest hit is known as ‘the salad bowl’ for Qld, and after many fought drought for so long, many farmers will not recover from this. We are asking ourselves ‘What can we do??’ We have been able to accommodate some people here earlier when they got caught in flood waters, but at this point in time evacuation centres close to the cities have been set up and most people want to stay close to their houses so they can get in to see the damage asap. i have spoken to people I know involved in coordinating these places to see how we can help them there and at the moment they are saying they have hundreds of people to help, they have asked us to wait, as the hype dies down the volunteers fade away even though the problem still remains. One problem though i did talk about is the pressure and trauma coordinators, counselors , state of emergency personnel, salvation army officers, ministers etc, all those dealing with the grieving public will experience. We spoke about the need to nurture these people as they exhaust themselves nurturing others. We have contacted some heads of these sorts of organisations and will contact more over the next few days to offer them a place to retreat to. where they can attempt to forget it all for a while or they can download and talk through what they have been through themselves if this is what they need to do. of course we can take in those who have nowhere else to go but once when Mike was leaving here he said to me ‘its so important to minister to the ministers’ and we feel this is a time we can really do this. if you guys feel you want to assist in raising funds- great! And thank you in advance for this. we will certainly pass it on. We feel that the tiny town of Grantham, the hardest hit by the inland tsunami would be a great place to take the money to. Maybe directly to a church/ families  there. All eyes are on the city and its the tiny towns that have no voice. we know people in this town that can give us the heads up on where to start. What do you think?? I will attach some photos, some are general flood photos, others a closer to home and the showing you the mess Phil and Warren are in on the farm. They are thinking 12 months at least until they will replant on the Lockrose farm. At least 7 feet of soil has been washed away.  [Will retrieve photos later.] Thanks again for your offer to help, we will do what we can to help them. Take care Wxx Brisbane City This 20,000 gallon concrete tank now sits on the road near the farm! Carrots use to grow here!  The main road out the front of the farm. > Wendy, can you possibly e-mail us a photo or two of the flooding? Mike wants to put a blog on our website that tells about what you folks are doing and tells that they can send donations to ALMI for Mt. Alford’s distribution to the homeless!  THANKS!  –Betty >


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