Urgent Letter about flooding from the Mt. Alford Training Centre in Australia

The following is a message we just received from Wendy Bell at the ALMI training center in Australia.  Naturally, if any of you are wishing to be able to help with the funding of assistance for the affected folks in Australia, you can send designated donations to ALMI and we will pass them on to Mt. Alford. Also, where Wendy thanks ALMI for support below, we of course send on those thanks to our supporters!!!  
Yours in Christ, Mike & Betty Wells

Hi kay
When I go for a run i hate living on a hill. When its windy, I hate living on a hill. today – its not so bad…
We are watching the news with our jaw on the ground. its simply unbelievable! They are describing the event as an inland tsunami. A wall of water 8 feet high formed in Toow oomba,on the range, 700 feet above sea level. Its now moving downstream taking out small towns as it goes, heading towards Brisbane. friends and family are having their houses go under. The farm where Phil works with Warren is on the creek that the flood water is following. The fields back onto the creek, where over a million dollars of irrigating pipes lay on the ground, not to mention machinery etc. the house is a kilometre from the creek but it is going under. The water came so fast. They got out, with not much, in their prime mover towing their 4 wheel drive behind which floated behind like a bath toy! Phil is on the phone talking his son through driving through flood water. His house is under threat, thankfully he sent his wife, son and newborn out a few hours earlier. 
Its throwing it down, and has been for 19 days. No sign of a rainbow yet! 
As I write this the brisba ne river has just broken its banks, which will devastate the city of Brisbane. it truly is unbelievable. So so sad for many people. 9 people dead, 66 missing. Pray for their families. 
I received the cheque you recently to us. Thankyou for your support. Late the other night the folks down the road who own the pub heard a knock on the door, people stranded looking for accommodation. He rang me and asked how much for a room. i think he was thrilled to be able to tell them ‘no charge, just go on up to the Lodge and they will take care of you’ Because of people like you guys helping us, we are able to pass it on and help accommodate/ feed others, especially in times like this, heaps of people now with no where to go. So thankyou for helping us do this. Please pass the thanks on to Mike and Betty. We will keep in touch and certainly let you know the news, especially of folks Mike knows from this area. He knows Steve and Trish. Ch inchilla went under a recently, but they are high and dry. 
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayer.


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