On my way home! 3 1/2 months completed!

Remember the joke about the old woman trying to get her son out of a locked bathroom to go to Church? He kept saying, “I don’t want to go, the people hate me”. In the end, his mother said, “You must go, you are the pastor!”. Well, I don’t like leaving home, even though memorystitch made me the most wonderful comfort blanket (just visit https://memorystitch.com/ to see what I mean!),
and Betty always says to me, when I get home, “Was there any place you would have missed?”. I say “No” and then she reminds me how much I wanted to stay home. 3 and 1/2 months out, with a conference or traveling every day seemed so daunting. But you will see from the trip report that there was nothing that I wanted to leave out. I am headed toward home and will arrive on December the 15th and be ready to go out again on the 5th of January. We are all blessed to live in these times. Believers are wanting Jesus, just Jesus and the love that is returned for bringing that message of “just Jesus” can’t be described. Beautiful. I have been thinking. If we are half spirit and half flesh then the world will never fully satisfy nor the spiritual. There is only one thing that will satisfy us is the man that was spirit and dwelt in flesh, was raised from the dead, transformed, and is seated in heaven waiting for the bride. The world is working something in my spirit. The spirit is working in my world and we are being prepared. It’s great. The journey is not great is we see only the physical or the spiritual but if both are recognized, it is great. I have enclosed a few pictures of Spain. Just general stuff which allows me to stay in touch. Oh, those on the support team will be getting the new ALMI Trip Report. Let us know if it is more readable and “user” friendly (it actually cost less than just sending it out the old way!” I want to keep you in touch with what happens to your dollars that are every shrinking and harder to come by! Love you and thank you for praying for us. This constant pressure would not be bearable with out the body carrying the load. Love you, Your missionary, Mike


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