Things Keep Getting Stranger in Europe

Every time I come to Europe the EU (European Union) is up to something that is anti-Christ.  They really are Jesus haters and it doesn’t hold together unless we consider that our battle is not against flesh and blood but spirits, principalities, and powers.  I have talked to those in government and if they try to implement something moral they are immediately dismissed, basically, as people of hate.  It is really something. Honestly, Europe is broke (as are we), the family has fallen apart, unemployment is at all time highs, personal stress has invaded every area of life, suicide is at record highs as is drug use and the government makes gay “marriage” a priority.  The US embassy is in the middle of the push. Lets assume that gay marriage was legitimate (it clearly isn’t. By the way the emphasis on “gay marriage” was one of the shrewdest move the Gay community has made.  They knew it was a hot button that the moral would obsess on. With the focus on “gay marriage” they have been able to advance their real agendas with little opposition.  The real agenda is recruitment on many levels.), should it take priority over the myriads of social problems that exist and how, in the world, could the message of Christ and his peace be so repugnant.  Also, the “spiritual” leaders remain basically silent so the masses begin to believe that the pap they are being fed is legitimate.  I was asked about the “Churches” going to the government and requesting funds for their buildings and events.  I responded, “Fine, if they tell the truth in their request.  The truth is this, “We don’t have a living God, Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead and therefore we are stuck having to come to the godless for our support.”  Then just look at the symbol for the EU.  A woman on a beast!  It is on every coin. It is on their stamps. The headquarters of the EU, by the architect’s own admission, is modeled after a painting of the Tower of Babel. We are in interesting times and it is so important to keep the “man aware” glasses in the drawer and put on our “Jesus aware” glasses.  He has already conquered and made us more than conquerors.  We have nothing to worry about compared to those that are pushing, pushing, and pushing the anti-Christ agenda. Remember we “Love our Enemies”.  We love an absolute.  We have enemies is also an absolute.


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