Being Put on the Spot by the World

Matthew 7:6, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Unbelievers have a habit of asking questions to take the spotlight off of their ignorance and pride. However, I have a habit of answering only half of someone’s questions. In fairness they must then answer mine and defend their system. A question, by its very nature, does not reveal intelligence; the most ignorant person alive can ask a question. The person who knows does not ask. Somehow the world believes that its questioning reveals great minds at work. Amen, the world is always upside down. Correct answers from the mouths of the worldly do reveal a measure of intelligence. I can ask difficult questions, also, for example, “How does a chemical store a memory? In evolution, which calf developed the ability to nurse, and how did the calves that did not know how to nurse ever come into being? Where is the proof that there is not a Master planner to the universe? Can you prove that you can do whatever you want if it does not hurt another? You have a god, and it is self; how can you prove that it is helping you?” A Mormon came to my door wanting to put me on the defensive by asking if I were a Christian and then starting the normal accusations. I said that I did not answer the door to answer his questions, and since he had come to my door, it was his responsibility to answer my questions. “Why were they polygamists? Why were they bigots? (Joseph Smith prohibited Blacks in the Mormon system, and women are considered to be less than men.) Why did the Mormons slaughter the innocent in Utah? In Joseph Smith’s own handwriting he says that his direct descendants are to rule the Latter Day Saints; why do you not listen to him on that point? Why all the Masonic writing in your book and Masonic symbols in your temples?” I then said, “Read something from the book of Mormon that makes sense, something that would make me convert! Why is there so much immorality and divorce among the Mormons?” I must admit that I enjoyed being the foolish one that only asks questions. He did not have answers. We do have answers, and we can give a defense of the faith, but I am not doing it for the disingenuous or for those who, when I answer their question, instead of acquiescing just resort to asking one more question. We are not here to answer all of the questions that people devise to negate Christ. We witness to Him, always mindful that pearls are not cast before swine.


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