Leaving Ukraine

It was a great time in Ukraine.  The Lord did many “miracles”.  For me a miracle is when He  witnesses through me to something that He has already been speaking in another.  “Jesus is enough” seemed to be the thing that He was speaking to many.  We had a great time with the students at Kiev Theological Seminar and then we were off to a weekend retreat.  I am still struggling with a lung infection but the Lord, as always, carried me through the meetings.  Sergie did a great job of interpreting as he knows the messages really well.  I said to the students, “Sergie has been with me for so long that when it comes to the question time, I will sit down and let him answer!”  The staff was great and supportive, as always.  It has been awhile since I have been here and the city has changed so much.  The Ukraine of 1990 is not the Ukraine of today.  Every model of expensive car is to be found in the traffic jams.  Restaurants abound as do all other franchises.  The average salary has even gone up and Kiev making it more expensive to live in than Paris!  Wow!  Thanks for going along with me on the trip. Oh, I was surprised at how many people had read the books that have been translated over the years.  Again, thanks.  We will start on Heavenly Discipleship next.  


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