A message from Alex in India

Recently I was in the hospital because of a cardiac problem which should have been somewhat distressing. There were physical problems and inconveniences. All the tubes and needles didn’t really allow me to dance  and rock, as it were! But something that surprised me was that I felt totally at home. That might sound a bit strange. I mean I was not disturbed or felt out of sorts or let me say, out of place!  I do not normally belong to a hospital bed. I am at home in my home. How is it that I felt at home in the hospital bed with all the discomfort that were very much there?
I wondered about this strange peace as I meditated on John 14, 15, 17; which is my practice more often. The insight I had might interest you. I was told “The hospital bed is not your place nor is your home your place. Your place is ME. Never even think you are a vagabond. You belong and your place IS ME. Abide in ME and that is your place. Abide in ME and receive healing. You will not feel well outside ME”
No one really knows this, because there is nothing to be seen outside except that I have no complaints. No one is wiser about the depth of the peace I hold within except the wonder how I mange to laugh.
Wherever I go I am at home, because my PLACE does not shift; my environment may change. Home, hospital, school, college, seminar halls, lecture rooms, train compartments, cars, pulpits, counseling rooms and so on.
Do you want to be let into the secret of the unshifting nature of my PLACE?
Answer; BECAUSE……!


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