We are in Fiji and our driver is a Hindu convert. His story follows!

Our driver is a converted Hindu. He tells me his story with great excitement. He is the only Christian out of a family of ten siblings and has taken a beating for it since it has upset everyone that he denied that he is Indian and became a believer in Jesus. He smiles, “Jesus can do anything.” It seems that ten years ago his wife had a growth in her throat that kept her from eating, drinking water, or swallowing at all. The only solution was an operation that was not assured to be successful. Her brother-in-law had become a Christian and asked her to come to church for prayer. She told her husband, and he said, “No, we are Hindu.” She kept pressing him until at last she said, “Would you rather lose your wife than your religion?” He pondered this for many days and in the end agreed to go. The visiting speaker prayed for her, and the next day she felt better. They returned to church the following night and the tumor in her throat completely left. At that they both came forward to profess faith in the one and only true God, the God of heaven and earth and His Son that is one with Him; they were born again! As the visitor continued to speak, a leading Hindu came and disrupted the meetings and actually was able to have them canceled. The next day his sugarcane fields mysteriously caught on fire. The following day he was standing by a river and fell in and drowned. The meetings continued. We need only don our God-aware glasses to see that nothing is out of His control. Betty was happy that God had met her desire to have a safe driver! We have given him books and CDs to listen to and asked that when he is finished that he would send them to his pastor, something he was quite happy to do.


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