Fernando and Chad take the evening

I really enjoyed listening to Fernando and Chad as they took the lectures tonight.  Chad started with a story of a man that collected art with his son.  His son was killed in war and the fellow he saved had painted a picture of the son and given it to the father.  When the father died, an auction was declared and the first painting up was the one of the son.  No one wanted it, and finally a caretaker, who had known the son, bought it for $10.  At that the audience wanted to know when the collectibles of famous artists would be auctioned.  The Auctioneer said, “There was a stipulation in the will.  Whoever bought the son got the rest of the collection for free.”  His point, you have the Son and everything that comes with Him.  It is not enough to trust Jesus with salvation in the future and not take advantage of all that has come with Him in this life.  Fernando had a great lecture on the unbelieving believer.  He would ask a question, “When I think about God, at my worst, I feel ______.”  An answer was given, “I feel He is not there.”  Next, He would ask, “You feel He is not there because _____” and an answer would come, “He has abandoned me.”  When he tied these concepts together with the concept that many get from their fathers, the audience could see clearly the root of their lying emotions concerning God.  It was a great evening in that I want people to see that it is not just Mike that teaches but that we are all called to make disciples.  Wonderful.


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