100 things to do before you die.

Well, there is a book entitled, 100 things to do before you die, and the vineyards in this part of Brazil is one of them.  Looks like I only have 99 to go!  It was great to be here, and be sure to scroll down as there are several photos.  Here were a few interesting points.
1.  This is the largest winery in South America.  The storage facility can hold 6 million bottles of wine.
2.  Sparkling wine (Champagne, but we can’t called it that if it doesn’t come from a certain region in France.  I hope no one trademarks the term “bread”) has to be turned in the bottles every day for thirty days.  In the end there is a sludge in the bottle that is removed by turning the bottle upside down, freezing the neck (the ice becomes the cork), opening the bottle, letting expansion push the sludge out, and recapping.  Simple.
3.  Oak barrels go for $2,000 dollars.  The first year the very best wine is put in them, the second the premium, and then the other wines.  After that they are used up to 20 years for making wine liqueurs and then sold.
4. The vine is vertical and the goes horizontal to support the branches.  All branches are equal, and if a branch attempts to grow out of a branch, it is pruned.  Enough said.
5. Pruning is a brutal business.  There is nothing left but the essential.  Again, enough said.


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