The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, by Hannah Whitall Smith

How long has it been since you read this classic book? It has influenced a lot of believers, Michael Wells being one of them! This is a very handy little book for being encouraged in the elemental truths of a deeper walk in Christ. Trusting Christ no matter what is a big topic covered, as well as believing the right things about God so that we walk as we ought. All the while, though, Ms. Smith is heartening us, not being harsh; her goal is to enlighten us to the point that we willingly and joyfully succumb to the great leadership of our LORD! Example: Chapter 14, “Growth” And we rejoice to know that there are growing up now in the Lord’s heritage many such plants, who, as the lilies behold the face of the sun and grow thereby, are, by “beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord,” being changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. Should you ask such how it is that they grow so rapidly and with such success, their answer would be that they are not concerned about their growing, and are hardly conscious that they do grow. That their Lord has told them to abide in Him, and has promised that, if they do thus abide, they shall certainly bring forth much fruit; and that they are concerned, therefore, only about the abiding, which is their part, and are content to leave the cultivating, and the growing, and the training, and the pruning, to their good Husbandman, who alone is able to manage these things or to bring them about. You will find that such souls are not engaged in watching self, but in “looking unto Jesus.” They do not “toil and spin” for their spiritual garments, but leave themselves in the hands of the Lord, to be arrayed as it may please Him. Self-effort and self-dependence are at an end with them. Formerly they tried to be not only the garden but the gardener also as well, and undertook to fulfill the duties of both. Now they are content to be what they are, willing to leave the gardener’s duties to the Divine Husbandman, who alone is responsible for their rightful performance. Their interest in self is gone, transferred over into the hands of another; and self in consequence has become nothing to them more and more, and Christ alone is seen to be all in all. Pros: This is an easily tackled read, a handy reminder of the things that are truly important in our walks with the Lord. Particularly good when a person is encountering trials to be reminded that God is at work in his life and earthly ways are not God’s ways. Ms. Smith certainly understands the “life out of death” cycle that rules our universe. Cons: Anyone? Would it be a classic if it had cons? Does a book seeking to point the readers to looking at Christ have cons? If I think of one, I’ll delete these sentences and print it! [rating:4.5/5]


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