City center in Caxias do Sul

I had time for a walk and enjoyed the time with the Lord. I am trying something a bit different as I am enclosing some devotional thoughts as they come.  They are not related to the pictures but thought I would give it a try.  Let me know if I should continue and also what kind of pictures you would like.  I get a bit confused as some like to see the people at the conference and others want to see the surroundings.
When something is not mentioned in the bible, it is a lesser truth that will come under something greater. We must ask God what the greater truth is. For example, there is very little in the bible about sexual abuse as many have experienced it. Therefore, what is the greater truth that would include this lesser truth. There is nothing said about drugs but there is a greater truth that would include it. We must always seek for the greater truth for in it we will find freedom from many lesser issues.


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