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I must admit that the Brazilian Churrascaria, is one of the most unique dinning experiences in the world.  12-20 kinds of meat (fish, chicken, lamb, goat, cow, and more) are put on “swords” and roasted over coals.  Then the feast begins as the servers bring the meats, one after another.  There is a card on the table with red on one side and green on the other.  As long as the green side is shown the servers come and carve the meat.  Brazilians, in my opinion, are always more interested in the fellowship than the food and the food is an excuse to be together.  A more passionate people you will not find.  Honestly, just as the heat comes from the coals the love radiates from the people.  I can only do this meal once a week as it is just too much.  We finished the morning service and several of us went out together.  


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