Suicide, An Illicit Lover, by John Stevens, 1976, Heritage House Publications

A book for every believer, its first half nonetheless deals with suicide, so many believers would not dream of picking it up. Mr. Stevens takes us through his memories of many people who attempted or achieved suicide, but he also graciously allows us to peek into his own progress down the path of being allured by self-destruction. Threading throughout the book are the contrasts between what Satan is like and what God is like. The last half of the book is devoted to boosting the believer’s confidence in Who God is, what the born-again believer has become, and why to abide. GREAT STUFF! He even includes an argument against those who believe that our “old man” was not crucified.  For a small book, this packs a big wallop! Example: page 86, 87, Chapter 7, “Your New Life” “Your New Life is the life that God has given you in exchange for your old life. First, you must begin to get used to the fact that your New Life is not a ‘changed life’ but that it is an ‘exchanged life.’ You have become a brand new person inside. You have been born again. God would say, ‘A brand new life has begun!’ You are His child now and are a member of His Household. You are a part of His family. “You were pursuing Suicide. Suicide wanted your old life to end in death! He wanted death to be your eternal lover. But now, God has taken you into the protection of His family. He has given you life that is eternally joined in marriage, not to a lover, but to Love Himself. You have a New Love, He is your New Life.” Pros: As I mentioned, this book is for every believer, but it is particularly comforting for those who contemplate, have a loved one who yielded to, or know someone tempted in suicide. Understanding what a person who struggles (or struggled) with killing himself goes through is very important and enlightening, if I can use such a word related to such a topic! Cons: I am not certain this book is still in print. The ALMI office has a supply of them for the nominal cost of $3 per copy! It is certainly a valuable little gem, so when we run out I will try to find them again. Rating:  [rating:4.5/5]


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