More Than Meets the Eye, by Richard A. Swenson, M.D., NavPress, 2000

When I read this book, my faith grew in ways it needed to grow! With an M.D.’s perspective we read fascinating facts about the human body, physics, the universe, and the tiniest particles; and somehow the author makes the information comprehensible for the nonscientific me’s of the world.  His examination of our created world and the order written so methodically into all of it takes the reader to heights of new understanding and renewed awe for our Creator Father. Are your eyes too easily drawn to see this life as the expression of physical reality that is not temporal? Read this book. Do you look around you and wonder if God is REALLY in control of this world? Read this book. Do you want to have mind-expanding facts leaping off the page at you? Please, do yourself a favor and read this book! Example: page 149, Chapter entitled “The Story of the Stars” “Whenever confronted by such facts, I ask myself questions about God. If we witness a magnetic cloud thirty million miles in diameter moving a million miles per hour—is God bigger than that? Can He move faster than that? If the center of the sun has temperatures of fifteen million degrees centigrade and pressures of seven trillion pounds per square inch—could God walk into the core of the sun, take a nap, and walk back out? Every impressive structure or event in the universe should remind us of a God who is greater than all His works. With a God this powerful, why do we doubt that He has the power to help us order our lives?” Pros: This entire book points to incredulity that any scientist would not admit there is a God. On page 101 he writes, “One noted physicist commented: ‘If we need an atheist for a debate, I go to the philosophy department. The physics department isn’t much use.’” In other words, what physics specialist with integrity is going to write off the probability of God’s existence? The Lord will have much about which to speak to a reader as he moves through the text. Cons: It is not difficult reading, but neither is it light reading, and so when I finished the book and wanted to read it through again, this time to “store facts to let people know,” I could not face it. However, please believe that it is worth the concentration involved in the read. [rating:4/5]


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