Working in India: Wow

We were able to conduct a seminar in the third most holy site in India for Hindus.  It was a blessing and here is the letter we received today.
Dear sister Betty THANKING YOU VERY MUCH for your coming here. This is the first time we had meeting near the temple many were thrilled about the meeting . I was so exited to see 97% response for the meeting. people gather for miracle crusade and for some popular speaker.the first time in Palani people gather to hear the word of my life also it was a great revival. many appreciated mr. mike’s simple examples and to our surprise the manager of the Hotel told that he likes to come to the Lord. It would be great if mr.Steve Reinhard come here. we welcome him here. Kindly inform the days. we pray for your health. If his meeting covers saturday and sunday it would be great.. there are lot to say about the success of the meeting . Let all glory be to the LoRD.Kinddly pray for me. several days Ihave been dreamiming about the Abidinglife Bible College here at Palani. There are no Bible Coolege in neighbouring 4 districts.I am thinking of teaching abidinglife principles and teaching the the gospels and the epistles . to have in mind i plan to start week end Bible . School in saturdays . i hope our lord will enable me to succeed. because this meeting made a great breakthrough and many became my well wishers. i hope Mr.Steve Reinhard’ arrival will make a radical change in the process of our ministry. kindly pray for me. the translation work is in progress. kindly pray for us. my wife loves you so much and she often remembers you. covey our love to Mr.Mike and your family members. may god bless you with love in his servic! 


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