Materials Usage Policy Statement

Abiding Life Ministries International’s Philosophy of Material and Ministry If there is confusion over our expressed “right to use materials,” please contact our office directly for permission, because Abiding Life Ministries International (ALMI) is the sole dispenser of those rights. ALMI does not have offices, as such, in other countries, but those like-minded believers with a similar calling for ministry may be using the material that is owned and copyrighted by ALMI in order to share certain important truths about the Christian?s life in Christ. This is perfectly acceptable so long as those using the material indicate no implied ownership of or monopoly over this material as they share in the spreading of the message as outlined below. 1.     The purpose of ALMI is to present to as many people as possible the following principles (but not wholly limited to the following) and to provide materials that will aid in communicating the concepts.

a.    Christ in you, the hope of glory.

b.    An understanding of suffering.

c.     A philosophy of the world that presents God as a God of order and not chaos.

d.    An understanding of our “self-life” that includes how we act and why we act that way.

e.    Recognizing what God does and has done rather than attempting to create the things of God.

f.      The unique self with which every person is created.

g.    How sin affects the spirit, soul, and body of man.

h.    Giving definitions to words that are often used in the Christian vernacular.

i.      Restoring oneness in marriage.

j.      A variety of topics that lead the believer toward understanding the normal Christian life.

2.     The communication of the topics above is accomplished through, but not limited to, seminars, video training, audio messages, visual diagrams, individual personal discipleship, websites, and television or radio. 3.     The goal is to minister to participants the revelation of Christ in them. However, within the context of the sharing of this message there will arise those few who are called to a like ministry as the Truth that abides in them is witnessed to by a Truth presented outside of them. 4.     Such believers with a like call are encouraged to develop their ministry before the Lord uniquely as He leads them. Some will remain in their previously located ministry while using the materials, others will continue in their vocations and share in small groups as possible, and still others will start a ministry based wholly in the truths ALMI seeks to communicate. 5.     Our goal is to expand this message in as many places and through as many people as possible with minimal restrictions. We operate with the immutable awareness that this is God?s material. However, to avert abuses and misunderstandings, the ALMI material policy is as follows.

a.    In countries where there is the cooperation of a publisher, the translation and the first printing of Michael Wells? books will be paid for by ALMI. The publisher will retain the rights to continue to publish subsequent printings, including the rights of selling the books in a PDF or e-book format. If the publisher becomes no longer willing to publish the books, the rights are relinquished and revert back to ALMI, in which case another publisher would be sought.

b.    Where there is no publisher, individuals may organize the translation and publication of the book. ALMI will pay reasonable initial costs, and the proceeds from the sale of the first printing of the books will be used to pay for further printings.

c.     Permission is granted to any organization to record audio and video lectures of the ALMI conferences, training seminars, and lectures. That organization is free to distribute the material, but it will hold no exclusive rights to the material in that country. ALMI will ultimately and irrevocably retain the rights to any ALMI material.

d.    Audio and video copies of lectures of the material presented by another individual in any country are allowed and can be sold. It is understood that those attending a seminar not hosted by ALMI would desire to purchase audio and video of the local lecturer. That being said, no rights of ownership over the lectures are granted to any of those who choose to present the lectures themselves.

e.    Diagrams used in audio and video lectures by ALMI or another entity can be freely used, distributed, printed, and copied in notebooks by a person or organization propagating the message ALMI is dedicated to delivering. However, this copyrighted material cannot be made the exclusive property of any organization or person outside of ALMI, and diagrams must retain the ALMI logo.

f.      There exists the obvious possibility that several believers or groups will be using and sharing the material in any one country. That procedure is allowed and encouraged by ALMI. This does not preempt the rights of the designated publisher as discussed in a. above, because so long as that entity has a working relationship with Michael Wells and ALMI, it will retain the right of being the sole designated distribution point for paper or PDF format of the books already in print (excluding individualized notebooks for seminar usage).

g.    The Unique Self Test is available for being taken online, but it can also be copied for use in conferences, seminars, and personal counseling. This right to copy applies only to the test questions, grading, and graphs. If participants would like the rest of the Unique Self Booklet, they are encouraged to purchase it from the publisher, the recognized distribution point. This is reasonable in that there has been a financial outlay on the part of the publisher.

h.    Diagrams can be altered somewhat for the sake of clarity, as can be the Unique Self Test questions, because our heart desire remains that those using the material be free to make it more usable without restriction. However, the ALMI logo must remain even on these variants.

i.      If ALMI materials are proposed as being used in a large context within a book that is being published with another author?s name, please consult the main ALMI office to seek permission in order to avoid problems with ALMI?s legally binding publishing copyrights.

j.      No one organization or person in any country will hold exclusive rights to the material or hinder others from freely using and distributing the ALMI material, whether they are attending an ALMI seminar or a seminar presented by a different organization or group.

k.     Summary:  Books are only for sale, diagrams and the test portion of the Unique Self Test Booklet are free to use. We trust the users not to be exploiters but to maintain the spirit of the message, pointing others to Jesus.

l.      No one outside of the ALMI office in Littleton, Colorado, is allowed to charge a fee for the right to use the materials, because he or she has received the same right at no charge. When manuals (notebooks specifically made for a particular seminar) need to be printed, persons may charge for the duplication costs with a slight profit.

m.  Translations of ALMI material will be made available to ALMI for its own use in the expansion of the message. This includes, but is not limited to, offering the translated materials on our website.

6.     Points of confusion: It appears that running rampantly through the Church is a business model consisting of a leader, his subordinates, and the expressed desire for expansion of the organization through “offices.” The Lord keeps bringing me back to the concept of the Vine. One day I noticed that a tree grows vertically. I thought how if I were a branch on that tree, there would be branches above me and below me. Then the Lord whispered, “I am the Vine,” and I remembered the vineyards that I have visited. The vine is horizontal and the branches, from the oldest to the youngest, all hold an equally level spot with one another. It is humbling in that from the very youngest believer to the very oldest, we are on a level playing field, so to speak. No one is beneath us and no one is over us; all are supported in common by the Vine. Branches do not support branches, but the Vine supports all branches. I need others to grow because this will aid in the expansion of the Vine and, at the same time, my own expansion. My hope is that every person I meet will come to know Jesus as his Source, for I am missing something and am incomplete without all men coming to recognize the One to whom they are attached. Often I talk about things like with the call comes the provision, witnessing to what the Lord has already put into someone, recognizing what God has done and not creating, and moving forward in one?s own call. Confusion enters into people who are familiar with the prevalent model of ministry, the one that is full of hierarchy. Seeing ALMI through those glasses will cloud the vision of those trying to understand ALMI. To help end the confusion, I have tried to state once again the operational principles of ALMI. If it appears that I am repeating myself, it is because it has been difficult over the years for this information to sink in to people?s way of thinking and behaving.

a.    ALMI is not starting offices, expanding a kingdom, or looking for those with a like call. Rather, ALMI is recognizing those who have received a like call from the Lord and desires to provide the materials, if any are needed, to encourage the call.

b.    ALMI bears no responsibility for those who are called to continue in a like ministry. With the call comes the provision. ALMI simply does not have the resources, financially or physically, to take on the support of those wishing to share the truth of Christ.

c.     Because of limited time and resources it is impossible for ALMI to aid in the supervision, functioning, organizing, or funding of like ministries. We encourage those thus called to seek the Lord for what form their ministry will take in their particular environment. God is most creative in those that do not know what to do.

d.    Support comes from ALMI only in the form of training, materials, and translations. Any other type of support, if warranted, from ALMI will be short-term and is dependent on many variables.

e.    ALMI is rarely available to answer questions about how to get a ministry up and going. We maintain an incredibly small staff, but I see God in this since each person must discover for himself what God?s unique expression through him will be without his inanimately copying what he sees God as having done before. An ALMI model is a hindrance to a creative move from God.

f.      There is no person on the ALMI staff that someone in a “like call” is responsible to, so long as the rules of material usage are observed.

g.    Due to the heavy schedule maintained by those few at ALMI, people that decide to move forward will have very little input from ALMI. This, too, is of God, for what works at ALMI will rarely work in another place.

h.    ALMI will attempt to offload ministry to others to the degree this is possible. ALMI is a “taste and see” ministry to introduce concepts and material for further study, while those with a like call are about the daily ministering into the lives of struggling believers.

7.     It is necessary to reflect upon the use of the name Abiding Life Ministries.

a.    “Abiding Life” is a registered trademark of ALMI.

b.    The term “Abiding Life” is not easily translated into languages outside the English language. Most will translate it “Remaining Life” or “Abundant Life.” Seeing there are no Abiding Life branch offices around the world, those with a like vision are encouraged to start a ministry with a name that best expresses their call. Those that start their own ministries are free to expand those through offices and the use of ALMI materials.

c.     ALMI does recognize as affiliate ministries those who are referred to through the ALMI website as places where similar conferences and teaching will be received. This is not to be construed as a blanket endorsement of any independently organized ministry.

d.    The name “Abiding Life” does not need to appear in association with an affiliate. We remember the goal of the expansion of the message, not an organization.


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