What If Christians Didn’t Fight Evil

Being in a former USSR country, several questions come to the forefront of any conversation. At the center of the debate is what Christians should have done. We know what many did do, but what should have been done? First, I don’t want to condemn anyone for what they did do. Liberians told me, when I was in Africa, of their own city’s bombing. Everyone in the market, upon seeing the bombs coming, began to run. Old people and babies who had been dropped were trampled to death. How do you suppose the babies’ mothers felt the next day? Fear causes many instinctive reactions. Today, we discussed what a believer should do. I must always build a foundation that is in order before answering such questions. 1) God is love. 2) He permits what He could prevent. 3) He does not cause all things, but He causes all things to work together for good. 4) He could send evil to hell as easily today as tomorrow. There are several ways of looking at things from this foundation. What would happen if every believer followed the command of Christ to love an enemy without reservation? What if tonight every Christian were killed by evil? What would the world be like if evil men helped the rapture of believers by killing them? If every believer were killed, earth would instantly become hell, because God’s Holy Spirit would be dwelling in no person. It would be a case of men on their way to hell, when hell actually came up to them. Would the killing of every believer hasten or hinder the coming of Christ? These are things I think about in my personal journal. If evil is present in the shape of a physical force, army, or government, and if Christians are tricked into fighting it in the power of the flesh, would we actually be hindering the coming of Christ? I talk to so many who came to a personal relationship with Jesus in a concentration camp in Siberia. What do we have to say about those things? Would they have come to Him without Siberia? Some are persecuted and die immediately, and some live years in a prison. Did those who died miss out on something? I believe that we must see God, believe all things are in His hands, and rest. If we don’t see Him, we will try to make sense–in a carnal, intellectual way–of all that happens. I think I can answer all questions with one word, God! “I rest in you!”


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