Twenty Something, Bored and Scared.

“Then the men became extremely frightened and they said to him, ‘How could you do this?’ For the men knew that he was fleeing from the presence of the LORD, because he had told them.” Jonah 1:10 A large number of the twenty-something crowd feels both bored and scared, scared about the future, fear of working a dead-end job, doing the eight to five routine, preparing for retirement, and finally, ending up sipping jello from a straw. They fear commitment. Many have come from broken homes. From youth they experienced the fear that comes from believing that a family break up is immanent. The knot in the stomach from hearing the fighting, seeing the drinking, and hearing the accusations has made one miserable. Do you blame them? They have witnessed firsthand the end result of marriage; it is something to be avoided. These two fears together have created an unbelievable boredom and boring generation. There is the attempt to live life and yet avoid life! Therefore, the same old safe things are done. Safe relationships, safe jobs, avoiding risk, avoiding pain and all the while feeling more and more bored, bored and self-centered. Well, there is hope. There is nothing that the nearness of Jesus will not cure. Nothing. We cannot avoid the normal progression of life without imploding. We are meant to grow up, leave home, become self-sufficient, work a job, get married, have kids, become too old to work, and yes, one day die. It is the normal way of things. It isn’t boring. However, it is only truly exciting if a normal life is lived with Jesus. Do you think that Jesus, God Himself, was bored raising his brothers and sisters, taking care of his mother, living in a small village, and making furniture? I don’t think so. We see in Him that the normal progression of life, and progression of walking with the Father, blended perfectly together. It was all exciting. My life has been anything but boring. I really thank God for everything that comes with, and everything He accomplished in me through, “normal life.” I have never been bored. Having two kids, a pregnant wife, and no job just wasn’t boring. It is exciting to see what He is going to do. Jump into the middle of normal life, with Him, and discover a great adventure! Why does the twenty something crowd feel lost? They are avoiding the normal progression of things out of fear. They have seen the end result of marriage and children and are avoiding it. Therefore, they are forced to be adolescents into their twenties.


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