The Ugliest Religion in the World

The Ugliest Religion in the World-Body

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me, and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 What exactly is the ugliest religion in the world? I have come in contact with countless religions and I believe that I have found the absolute worst one. Christianity! That’s right. Christianity! Why? Every other religion is created to be a religion. Every other religion centers around laws, places, rites, and ceremonies. That is the very nature of a religion. However, Christianity centers on and is Jesus. Christianity centers on a relationship where the founder is not a teacher of new rules but one raised from the dead that actually lives in and through the follower. As a list of Jesus behaviors to be imitated, Christianity is just too high to attain to. Therefore, take Jesus out of it, and Christianity becomes ugly if not out and out goofy. Since no one can imitate Jesus, the religious have to come up with a set of laws that they can imitate to exalt themselves over others. Again, it gets ugly. The religious cannot emphasize Jesus because in so doing they hold up a model they are not able to imitate. Therefore, they hold up everything else that appears spiritual. You would not believe the things that I have heard. “Wear a white shirt when you preach. White allows the Holy Spirit to get out of you easier!” “Jesus said to love your neighbor. That is why I am right to have an affair with my neighbor.” “The color red is never to be worn by a Christian, it is evil.” “A woman is never to enter the sanctuary in anything other than a dress.” “Command God to give you wealth and health in the name of Jesus. He has to obey you.” I could go on and on. But to what end? Christianity as a religion is ugly. Bring Jesus back into it. Lift Him up without fear. Let Him live through you and frankly, Christianity dusts every religion. None can measure up. The world would be so uncomfortable by the contrast that they would kill you, just as they did Him.


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