The Idol Maker

I was told of a man who was an idol maker. One day he thought to himself, “I will cut the head off one of the idols and see if anything happens to me.” Nothing happened. Next he cut off a hand and nothing bad happened. In the end he cut the idol in two and nothing happened. He then realized that something made with hands could not be a god. This revelation led him on a journey that found him at the feet of Jesus. I was told by one missionary that people can be born again through a clear conscience without having to hear the name of Jesus. I didn’t believe it. Truth is where fact and faith meet. He couldn’t produce a single person to say that God gave him a new life, and then he later discovered that the new life was Jesus. However, though an unbeliever in a remote area cannot be born again, he could have a conversion in his thinking, as did the idol maker. Revelation can lead someone to Jesus.


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