The Flesh and Racism

When I first started traveling around the world, there were many instances where the atrocities of the white man, specifically Americans, were brought to my attention. I really didn’t care, for I was there to preach Christ. However, as the accusations and condemnation continued, I would eventually find myself defending white people. What a stupid thing it is to defend the flesh of another man! One day I came away saying to the Lord, “Jesus, I came to preach You, not defend man. I know it is stupid to get drawn in to that discussion. Why do I let myself?” He was gracious to whisper the answer, “Pride.” I have been in hundreds of homes around the world. Every family worries about the same things: their relationship with God, their marriage, their children, and finances. We are not different. The answer is Jesus. And there, in that place, with so much in common with the folks around me, I find myself talking about something that couldn’t matter a bit: white people! How could you believe yourself better than another if not for pride? Why would you try to prove yourself as good as another if not for pride? Pride makes us live to man in one way or another. Pride keeps the Liberal from inviting the teenager who is a skinhead to his home. If he were invited, it might be discovered that the boy’s home is a wreck, he has never been loved, he only knows how to hate, and he is full of pride. Would you have done better growing up in his home? A black man’s son wants to marry a beautiful Christian who is white. At the family reunion, out of earshot, she is judged and condemned by the other women. Why? Pride! An elderly man in England often verbally abused me. One day, after a few years, he came to me. “I just hated you because you were an American. The Americans came to the war late.” Pride!

The root of racism is not so much believing that your color is better than another color; the root is believing that you are better than another, any other!

The root of racism is not so much believing that your color is better than another color; the root is believing that you are better than another, any other! Are you? Are you better because of your understanding, your politics, your wealth, your education, your color, your anti-racist stand, where you grew up, your national heritage, your family history, or your “open mindedness”? People really don’t want equality. Everyone in some shape or form wants to be better than and believe they are better than someone else. This attitude of pride is all the justification that carnal man needs to abuse another. There is no need beating a dead horse; history is replete with examples, i.e., results of pride. I don’t believe that it is possible to educate people out of pride. It is interesting that we feed pride in people and then wonder why they think they are better than others. Well, Jesus comes and equalizes all men, but not in the way we think He should bring equality! He makes all men equal in two ways. First, Rom. 3:23, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Oh yes, all men are EXACTLY the same. All in their pride have sinned! More than anything else you have this in common with every person of every race. You are sinners. It is a greater title that includes the lesser. If you can accept this, you have accepted your pride, and you are ready for entrance into the second category of equality. “For He Himself is our peace, who made both {groups into} one.” He has made us one! We are equal in Him, all sons, all gifted, all accepted, all holy, all righteous, and all humble. You must admit where you are to leave where you are. Are you willing to admit that you are a racist? To be a racist you need only have the attitude that you are better than just one other person. Are you willing to admit to pride? If so, start preaching Christ; He is the cure for the cause. One last thing, if you have been on the receiving end of racism, do not develop a victim mentality. Becoming a victim makes the victimizer your god, the one that ultimately controls your thought life, your happiness, and your future. Refuse to live that way and see God in it. John 19:11, “Jesus answered, ‘You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given you from above; for this reason he who delivered Me up to you has {the} greater sin.'” Bless those that curse you. God is not fighting wicked people but using them in your life. You will have your reward in heaven when your oneness is revealed to all!


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