The Call Followed by a Road Block

“For this reason I have often been hindered from coming to you.” Rom 15:22 God will often give the believer a call to accomplish something, and then close every door to make the fulfillment impossible. Why? Because with the call comes a provision. The same One who gives the call must also accomplish it. However, the flesh of man will take the call and not the provision. The flesh will look for fulfillment in self power, and if completion is possible, sink into glory, kingdoms, pride, strength, and righteousness. The call and the provision are one. The problem is that we don’t see them as one. Therefore, immediately after the call, all attempts to fulfill it must fail. You need not look far for an example. Joseph, after the call to be the leader of his family, actually thought it a turn of bad luck to end up in a pit. Then, good luck to be taken out of the pit. Then, good luck to be head of a house and then another turn of bad luck when he ended up in prison. In the end, though, he saw it was God who brought Him out. It was all God. The call and the provision were one. He completed the call with the provision and took no glory. This is to be the end result of a perfect call of God. A call and provision. When you get a call, don’t think that is all of it. Listen and wait for the provision. Don’t try to do the thing on your own. You will only end up in a pit.


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