The Big Bird

“Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.” Matt. 5:5 In the back of our hotel is one of the finest zoos in the Amazon. As we walk among the brightly colored macaws, I notice the less colorful, smaller birds that dart in and out of the cages at will eating their food. Such an illustration of wealth and beauty vs. comeliness and poverty. The size and beauty of the large bird makes it a trophy. The smaller bird is not noticed at all. The one that would have freedom is actually in bondage. For the smaller bird there is no cage and complete freedom. Wealth really is bondage. So many have proven the luxury of poverty. I know of a home in the mountains, twenty-two million dollars and yet it costs five hundred thousand dollars a year to maintain it. The owners are rarely there. They must stay busy making enough money to maintain it. Do riches bring freedom? There is so much to be said for being plain, for possessing little, for being unnoticed, and for being free. I won’t say that I haven’t questioned these thoughts when I have to pass through first class on my way to coach. I comfort myself with the fact the people in the tail are the most likely to survive!


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