Judging Spirituality

I know of a man who preached in a meeting where over 50,000 came to Christ, a woman who was one of the world’s great social workers, a fellow that, it is said by eyewitnesses, raised a woman from the dead, another woman who started over 700 churches. Having traveled for years, this is only the beginning of what I have seen and heard. There is no need belaboring the point. Many, many believers have performed great miracles and accomplished incredible tasks. My question is this. Were they spiritual? The obvious answer would be, “Of course”. But were they? Israel’s greatness was never in the people. Their greatness was in their God. God accomplishes what he wills and man takes the credit for it and uses it to build himself an image. To be honest, I don’t know if these men and women were spiritual in the least. I, you, would have to spend a week with them in a difficult setting to discover if they were or not. I have been shocked to see “great men” explode when they didn’t get the seat they wanted on the airline, when a car pulled in front of them, or when a subordinate questioned them. What you are at your worst is the level of true spirituality that your flesh achieved. For, when the situation is at its worst is when God needs you at your best. What He gets is your best. Men on the platform often say, “It is only Jesus, praise God,” and then accept the praise of men. Actions speak loudly. One woman couldn’t stand to be questioned. She would explode and leave those around her in a pool of verbal blood. Another preacher would get out of the car if anyone disagreed. Well, we all have our bad moments and the flesh never improves. My point is, don’t be a fruit inspector or another voice pointing at the hypocrisy of believers. That’s all been done before. We must have another way of judging spirituality. We are brainwashed by the loudest, the spectacular, and the dominating. They have defined spirituality to describe themselves and their flesh. However, Jesus gives us the true definition of spirituality. If what he describes is part of your life, you are a far greater success than any televangelist you have ever seen. Here it is: “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you, there is more of God and His rule.”


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