Hope for a Hardened Heart

“for they had not gained any insight from the {incident of} the loaves, but their heart was hardened.” Mark 6:52 We often assume that when Jesus picked the twelve, He was picking the best, that He picked men that were above the rest, men that were holy, and men who were especially talented for the task ahead. Yet, here we read that these men all had hearts that were hardened. They had just participated in Jesus feeding the five thousand and calming a storm, and yet, they still had a hard heart. It is proof again that Jesus doesn’t expect us to meet Him at the top rung of the ladder. He comes to the bottom rung to get us. There have been times when I knew my heart was hard. Whenever we choose the flesh, we have a hardened heart. What sticks out to me is that even after all the miracles and a hard heart, Jesus kept working with the men until they had a soft heart. More had been given and more was required. They were witnesses of a miracle and yet Jesus didn’t get anything. If Jesus doesn’t give up on men who have seen miracles and remain hard, how could it be possible that He would give up on those of us who have seen no miracle and yet our heart is hard? The bottom line is if He didn’t give up on them, He sure hasn’t given up on you!


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